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Decentralized The Precious Metals, Transfer Across The Border

DemX offers an innovative system that allows users to utilize gold and other precious crypto metals in their daily payment transactions. This system enables users to employ these valuable metals as a means of payment, providing them the freedom to spend, exchange, and transfer these assets. Each digital token in DemX is backed by real value, physically stored in vaults. Every crypto metal token represents one gram of a physical precious metal bar.

DemX addresses a significant challenge in today’s economy: the devaluation of traditional gold-backed monetary systems. Modern states generate money out of thin air, leading to an unlimited supply of fiat currency. This naturally results in inflation and necessitates an interest system to control it. The orthodox thesis argues that gold reserves are insufficient to sustain the global economy's operations. DemX offers a unique solution to this problem. The DemX token, resembling an ETF, derives its value not only from gold but also from a basket of various precious metals. This approach provides a micro-scale solution to the global inflation issue, with the DemX token being a monetary system backed by multiple precious metals, offering an alternative to the liquidity crisis in the global economy.

DemX transcends traditional monetary and banking systems, representing an evolutionary step forward. It enhances the functionality of money both as a store of value and a medium of exchange, benefiting all of humanity. The system is built upon a perpetual incentive mechanism that stimulates money circulation and economic activity. DemX attracts external capital with attractive risk/return ratios, activating it in a way that promotes commerce. The system is underpinned by 100% direct allocated asset backing for money and a unique yield system that equitably distributes wealth generated by the system based on participation and money velocity.

DemX also counteracts Gresham's Law, which states that "bad money drives out good." It does so by strongly incentivizing the circulation and use of valuable money as an effective medium of exchange. The primary currency of DemX is based on physically backed gold, which is recognized as the superior substance for value preservation and has been used as money longer than any other material. Gold, formed by rare cosmic events like the collision of neutron stars, is not just a creation of the universe but also a symbol of enduring value.

DemX is not just a currency; it is a new parallel monetary and banking system, standing alongside the problematic central fiat and fractional banking systems. It offers a revolutionary model in banking and finance by combining the best elements of old-world money with new-world innovation. This system aims to empower banking and commerce in a new, fair, inclusive, and incentivized manner.

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